Thursday, 11 July 2013

Our Day Out at the Zoo

Hi Everyone :) sorry I haven't blogged in a little while, it has just been one of those weeks where everything happens all in one go...days out, phone calls, forms to fill out plus we couldn't miss out on the sunshine and the occasional nap! 

And we have been organising something amazing, I have some very exciting news coming up in the next few weeks YAY! No babies but something just as tiny :)

Last week Matthew, Finley, my Dad and I all headed off to the zoo for a lovely day out, I say day it was more a morning as Finley was becoming a cranky pants with the combination of heat, being still for longer than 5 minuets and the bustling crowds. We happened to arrive the same day as 'school trip' day aghhhh it was kid crazy, but it was fun seeing all these little kiddies getting excited and laughing at a rather loud monkey.

We popped off to our local zoo which is the same one we took Finley too on his 1st Birthday - if you fancy a gander at that post you can here. I just looked back and he looks tiny!

We were treated by Grandad for our tickets and off we went on our exciting zoo adventure. Finley is still a little tiny to take in exactly what is going on, especially the animals far far away, for example we were at the tiger enclosure and all he could do was sniff the flowers and trees haha. But he did love the penguins this time around and giggled as they swooshed past him. Last time we went it was the monkeys he fell in love with but they were all out in the open this time and he didn't manage to get a close up look. 

But oh my, I had no idea how many tiny little babies had been born! Wowzers, I couldn't contain myself and swooned at every little baby there was especially the tiniest little chimpanzee :) It reminded me somewhat of Finley, all the big ones were relaxing and taking a nap and this little critter wouldn't stop bouncing around, swinging on ropes and generally being cheeky...Finley's monkey double. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and was lovely taking in the sights as we wandered around the zoo, they even have an open enclosure that you can walk through and see birds flying around a monkeys jumping all over the trees. My Dad was somewhat cheeky and decided to give one a little stroke even thought they can nip :) 

I do love visiting the zoo and Finley really enjoys getting out and about, he is a massive show off really and will smile and wave at anyone he can...3 separate people came over and commented on how smiley and happy he was :D if only they knew and saw him in total melt down mode throwing his tea all over the floor and screaming because I  moved his spoon!!! 

We even saw a elephant getting a manicure! The keepers would just shout "back, back, back" and it shuffled itself into place and popped its foot up ready to be pampered! 

We had a really great time and took soooo many pictures, I didn't want to overload you all but thought I would share a few snaps to get a feel of the day :)

Thank you very much Grandad for a great day out :D

What are your fave days out with your little ones? Especially with the sun shining as big as it is at the moment!

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Lovely photos, I must say I feel like the elephant when I have my nails done! lol. Looked like Finley had a lovely day.

  2. Awww looks like such a fun day out!! I can't wait until Tyne is old enough for trips out like this!

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks


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