Sunday, 28 April 2013

Becoming a Stay at home Mum!

I held off writing this post for a good few weeks just in case the world wasn't on my side and our plans maybe fell through...luckily everything went swimmingly and guess what....I'm now a stay at home Mummy!

As some of you may know I only just returned to work at the end of January after my Maternity leave finished and wrote about my inpending return to work and my first days back, but after the initial 'OMG I have to leave my baby and start wearing work clothes again' ( more comfy pants) it turned out to be really great. The team I work with are all super stars, we all get on soooo well and talk about all the things you shouldn't really discuss in an open office, especially when your headset can beep any second! 

After being back a month or so the option for Redundancy reared its head, at first I didn't really think twice about taking it but after speaking with Matthew and also my friends I came to the conclusion that it could be a great opportunity to soak up all of Finley's first years with me being at home with him. 

Even though I have so many great friends at work, when I think about the job itself, was I still enjoying it...not really. Before I had Finners I used to love my job and put sooo much effort to be the best I could be at it...a keeno if you will haha. But since returning, I have too many other daily worries and thoughts to properly delve into advising on how to manage an employee who has shown up drunk at work...again! 
My mind is pre-occupied thinking about if Finley has eaten his breakfast okay?, is that sniffle he had before I left got worse? Has he started walking today and I missed it? eeekkk! Plus the fact he woke up every hour the night before is not helping my productivity today. 

Perhaps if I was working more than only two days it may have been easier to dive into work and really get involved in some juicy cases, but with me only being there a tiny snippit of the week I never managed to get that work head screwed back on fully. Plus I worked a Friday...that's not a proper work day...we got Bacon Butties and it was Dressdown, who can concentrate with all that going on.

After a weekend of calculating and discussing we took the plunge and decided that I would become a stay at home Mummy! Aggghhh!

I admit it I am a little scared, and had a slight mental panic attack when I singed the official leaving letters but feel very lucky that we are in a position that I can take this time with Finley whilst he is still so tiny.

Luckily one of my bestest friend Keri also left on the same day....we had a fab day of cakes, McDonalds breakfasts and maybe a few tears! We were spoilt rotten by the team and then headed out after work for some tea, a giggle and a few I hardly ever drink, maybe two or three times a year so after 2 glasses of Wine me and my friend Becky were expecting a lifetime ban from pizza express for laughing way too much and way too loud! Oh well, we still manged to sweet talk a discount from them hehe.

Of course I will miss my job so much, I have been there since I was 18 and achieved so much in the 5 1/2 years I worked there but everything comes to an end at some point and I have a really positive outlook for what the future holds. I don't know if I will be a stay at home Mummy for the rest of Finley's toddler'hood, (its all money dependant and possibly how sain I stay) but for the foreseeable future I can say that we will be having lots of family fun times. Lets just hope that the Sunshine is on its way so we can make the most of this time and have a fab Summer. 

If anyone else has any tips how to survive being a stay at home Mummy please let me know :) or if you are contemplating it I'd love to hear what you plan on doing in the future.

Love Kayleigh x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Springtime Nail Saviours

I am still sitting here in hope that some sunshine is on its way so in an effort to coax him to pop his hat on I shall brighten up our day with a little bit of nail varnish chat. I have only just recently rekindled my love with polishes....I think if you ask a new mum how they manage to paint their nails they will more than likely say they don't due to lack of time haha. Now Finley is in bed early and sleeping great YAY I can finally paint those fingers and even include a base and top coat....its the little things.

For ages I had bottles of polish dotted all over the house, some in the Bathroom, a few in the sideboard drawers and even some in the attic!! Well, to my surprise when I finally managed to get them all together it seems I have more than I need...a lot more. So I have split them all into seasons (in my mind that is) am I the only one who has done this? And as we are in the midst of Spring I thought I would share my fave spring shades, if you fancy I shall do the same for the rest of the year :)

Mavala Pastel Polishes*

Mavala Polishes Left to Right - Lagoon, Lemon Cream, White, Aquamarine

I love these subtle Spring/Summer Mavala pastel shades, they are inspired by laid back feminine, beachy fun, achieved with playful candy and pastel hues. I have short nails and think shades like the white really pop on a shorter squarer nail. They have a slight shimmer only visible in the direct light which is definitely a plus. Sometimes I find shimmer can overwhelm a colour but in these polishes it really compliments each shade. Out of all the 4 colours I am loving the Lemon Cream Yellow which I am currently wearing, I even got complemented in my local Newsagent! Loving the consistency also, they haven't gone the slightest bit clagy or gloopy and the brush is the perfect width for easy application. I am loving these polishes and they come in at a great price range at £4.50 each and available here

O.P.I New York Mini Ballet Collection

O.P.I Laquers Left to Right - Dont touch my tutu, Care to Danse?, My Pointe Exactly, Pirouette my Whistle

I bought this set of polishes around 12 months ago and LOVE them, you will probably notice from the polishes swatched I really enjoy a solid colour and a good nude oo-err! These lacquers as O.P.I call them are very sheer, if you are looking for an opaque finish you will be looking at nearly 5 coats. But I love that sheer wash of colour, it is such a classy effortless look that will suit all skintones. O.P.I are famous for their great lasting power and quality and all though these are minis they are still as fab as the larger size lacquers. These would also be a perfect wedding nail colour, sheer, feminine and a little pearlised what more could you ask for. LOVE! You can get yours here for £12.95 for the whole set.

A Spring Mix and Match

Mix Match Left to Right - Barry M Strawberry, MeMeMe Sensuous, Eyeko Rain Polish, Leighton Denny Babydoll

From left to right Barry M - Strawberry 309. This is an amazing baby pink, you only need two coats and it has phenomenal lasting power. The consistency has never changed in the 2 years I have owned this bad boy, they only thing I would change is the strong varnish smell it gives off..but I can live with that for the colour.
MeMeMe - Sensuous 97. This was another fab Glossybox polish I received months back, the shade is a soft peachy nude that starts of sheer but is easily buildable within 3 coats. 
Eyeko Rain Polish - This is from the days when Eyeko was just too amazing, their skinny mascara was only £7.50, they did jumbo lip crayons and they stocked an amazing range of nail polishes. I really wish you could still get hold of these and I will be so sad when it runs out so I am using it sparingly. Its a gorgeous muted grey/blue that looks stunning on the nail.
Leighton Denny Babydoll - A deeper but still pastel pink, that is so easy to apply. I have a bit of a soft spot for Leighton as I am always watching him on QVC showing off his fab nail painting skills. His polishes are so long lasting, if you don't have a top coat to hand always grab one of his colours as they will be sure to last.

Models Own Collective

Models Own Left to Right - Snow White, Fuzzy Peach, Lemon Meringue, Beth's Blue, Buff Pink, Jade Stone, Lilac Dream

I am a massive fan of Models Own polishes, I own way too many but just love everything about them. They stock an amazing array of colours from nudes to shocking pinks and to top it off the price is fantastic. I tend to stock up when they have their massive 50% off sale - who else joins in on this?
One of my fave shades I have been wearing this spring is Jade Stone, it looks darker in the bottle but when its painted on it is almost a dupe for Essies Mint Candy Apple. :D
Lastability is really great and if you start getting a few chips here and there you can pop over one of their glitter polishes for a few extra days before you have to re-apply. 
One thing that really stands out for me is the shape of the bottle, the lids are so chunky you get a great hold of the brush so you aren't wobbling all over trying not to hit your finger. If you haven't already head over to the Models Own Website to check out their fab range of colours and glitters.

There you have it, my recommendations for this Springtime and my most fave polishes at the moment, I'm thinking of running the same feature for Summer so let me know if you would like to see it?

Ohhh I had to swatch on little nail thingys because no-one wants to see the ends of my fingers lol. My poor cuticles are not in great shape so for every ones benefit I used these plastic swatchy thingys. Plus I quite enjoyed sitting there painting away, just remember if you are going to do this please open a window....I soon realised swatching 20 nail varnishes makes for a very dizzy Kayleigh...oops.

Love Kayleigh x

Monday, 22 April 2013

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil Review

I have loved this product for soooo long and thought it was about time I wrote a rave review...and with it being National Earth Day what better a time to take a peep at this natural all organic product!

I first was introduced to Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil back when I received a bottle in my first ever Glossybox, which was many many moons ago...I remember using it to soothe my achey skin and keep those stretchmarks at bay when I was pregnant with Finley. Everything has come full circle and now he loves it more than I do...if that's possible.

As you probably know I am a skincare addict and love anything that promises to moisturise and banish my flakey dry skin...hurry up summer I need some Vitamin D! A while back I posted about my current skincare loves here, but this is that good it deserves a post all on its own.

You know when you stumble across a miracle cure that you have been searching for forever, well this is my miracle product for Finners of all people. He has inherited my sensitive pale skin that drys and gets chapped at the slightest touch of cold weather and with the Winter that is never ending and is still here in the UK at the end of April he has suffered a little more than most. 

Those poor little cheeks were looking worse for wear and no amount of body butter or E45 was shifting it, then one day I ran out of his beloved vanilla coconut oil (which I cannot find anywhere now :( booo) and as a treat used the pomegranate oil after his bubbly bath from head to toe...concentrating the majority of product on his little nose and cheeks. 

I woke up in the morning and to my surprise his little chapped cheeks were soooo much better, I gave him another smothering the next night and every night after and I would say within 3 days he was back to normal. It sounds too good to be true but trust me it works wonders, even I still cant believe my luck at using it once as an emergency and now being in love ever since. 

Don't be scared of the thought of rubbing an oil into your skin, it glides on so easily and sinks straight in within minuets. I would say the texture is a little thinner than olive oil and a little definitely goes a long way!

I adore the fruity sweet fragrance to the oil, it always throws me straight back to being in those first months of pregnancy all excited and feeling those flutters, I love it when a smell does that...transports you right back to a moment in time. A little off track but Anna Sui Perfume - Sui Dreams always reminds me of when Matthew and I first met...and Nina Ricci - Nina was the perfume I wore on my wedding day :) hmmmm fuzzy happy memories.
Even Matthew comments on how lovely the Pomegranate Oil smells, every bath time he says to Finley 'ooooo you smell delishus':D

Overall would I recommend to new mums - YES would I repurchase - YES and I have done many times
The only thing I would query is the price, when I received my first ever bottle it was priced at £10 but since then I am now paying £17 - a slight hike in the price but totally worth it if you ask me! The last bottle I bought was from Ebay, great for bargain hunting as you can search for a good deal like getting free P+P. 

I would even suggest popping a few drops in an evening bath for some sumptuous relaxing me time and you feel extra nourished and moisturised afterwards. I really couldn't be without a bottle of this in the house, at the moment we have two! I am starting to buy in bulk for fear of running out haha...

If your little one is suffering from little patches of dry skin or chapped cheeks give this a go, you will be as surprised as I was and be soon be stocking up for yourself too.

Love Kayleigh x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fathers....and Childbirth

I wasn't planning on writing this post at all but something struck accord with the story I watched this morning and felt like it was something Matthew and I could relate too. 

This Morning featured a little segment this morning talking about the effects Labour and Childbirth has on the Father...a great topic to cover if you ask me, and one that isn't widely spoken about. A study at Oxford University suggests more should be done to support fathers through Childbirth to prevent post traumatic stress syndrome.

In all my Midwife appointments, antenatal classes and even conversations with friends I was always told the tales of childbirth from being sick, pooing yourself in front of everyone and the dreaded crowning...yikes. But I found when I was pregnant and after that there was no one there for Matthew to support him from a 'birth partner' perspective. It was just me telling him what may or may not happen, from videos I had watched or books I read, not that I really knew how I would react as we were 1st time parents.

When Matthew and I talk about my labour and delivery with Finley we recall it slightly differently, I'm not sure if that makes me more hardcore or it really did effect him so much more. The labour itself was perfect, relaxing and we chatted away for all of nerves just excitement to finally meet our little boy. Then after 2 long hours pushing we knew that it would be an emergency some way or another.
The doctor walked in and advised forceps, I think this is where my memory begins be be hazy of the whole situation, even now when I think back it is almost dream like...a women's natural response I suppose. 

I had been flung back on my bed, people talking to me, doctors prepping everything around me but I couldn't see was happening to me but in a strange way I was detached from the whole thing, I had no knowledge or feeling of what was happening at any given moment. Matthew on the other hand still had access to all his senses, he could see his wife led there in what is an emergency situation, not being able to do anything to help plus on top of all the hustle and bustle he is about to become a daddy, feel his little baby for the 1st time...something I had access to for 9 months before hand. 

I remember Finley's head being born and at that moment the midwife pushing the emergency button above my head, a loud authoritative alarm rang and people rushed into the room...looking back I am thinking he may have been stuck but for merely seconds but as as soon as extra help arrived they went again and little Finley had arrived. I recall it all happening but don't remember feeling one tiny bit scared through any of it, maybe because I just knew I had to get on with it or because the adrenaline I was feeling was drowning out any feelings of fear or anxiety I had.

Ask Matthew to recall the same scenario and he describes it very differently, he has said to me in the past it was the scariest moment of his life and truly thought that he was going to loose us both. I remember hearing Finley crying for the first time and looking over to see Matthew standing there crying with relief that we were both okay. He truly saw the experience as horrific, something he never wants to repeat.

From our experience I truly believe that labour and childbirth can really effect your husband or partner, they are the helpless one and all they can do is look on and probably feel a little spare part if an emergency situation arises. I know I did the physical side of birth but if I put myself in Matthew's shoes I have no idea how I would have coped, not very well I don't think. Luckily my birth was no where near as traumatic as it could of been and I am so thank full that we both recovered really well.
I'm really glad that This Morning covered this topic today and it means I was able to share with you all our little experience. You can catch the debate they had here 

Personally I think that counselling for new parents should be offered more frequently, and if not at hospital it should be something that the Midwifes and Health visitors ask about when you are back home. They have massive post-natal depression questionnaires for the mums but ours didn't utter a word to Matthew. Of course we look back fondly now and reminisce all the time but I think having access to a support network for PTSD would have been great, something that I definitely think needs more publicity for anyone who may or has suffered in the past.

Please do let me know if you had similar experiences or if you have any questions do let me know.

I hope that has helped some people but please don't be put off having tiny babies, yes they are a handful....a handful of pure loveliness and happiness....soooo worth it!

Love Kayleigh x

Monday, 15 April 2013


Here's a little deja vu for you all...remember only a few posts back I mentioned how we were all struck down with sniffles and general illness, well, its happened all over again!

I'm not sure who or what to blame, but as playgroup has been closed the past two weeks I am guessing it is something I picked up from work! Gah.

To be honest I would say this is the ill-est (if thats a word) that Finley and I have ever been in unison as it were, Matthew has managed to side step this one...lucky him. We are just about on the mend and couldn't leave you all in limbo any longer, no matter how much my eyes want to close.

I was in the office on Thursday thinking hmmmm why have I come out in this weird rash, everyone was convincing me that because I'm so pale and sensitive it was a mild allergic reaction....nope I'm guessing it was the beginnings of a viral infection. It progressively got worse and worse and by Friday evening Finley was not looking a happy chappy and I could no longer smell.

He woke up on Saturday morning burning up....I mean, actually on fire. Luckily we managed to control his temperature and had a little breakfast but that whole day he lay on the couch, lay on one of us and generally cuddled his way through the day. He has never ever cuddled so much in his entire life...he just had none of that get up and go that he generally has in buckets. The poor thing had to had a bath in the evening because he was a little sick at tea time and I even had to cuddle him in the bath...yikes, I have never known such a poorly Finners. 

 Here is a little snipit of that poorly pig Finners :(

Sunday was very much of the same, cuddling, coughing, and trying to drink as much juice and milk possible.
Luckily we perked up Sunday evening and we are now on the mend, I'm still coughing and sounding a little husky...those managers at work are in for a treat when I get on the phones haha. Finley seems to have got over the worse and his appetite for food and fun is back in full force.

Lets just hope that I don't pick any more bugs up anytime soon, we could do with a rest now please, so if you are listening noro virus we don't want to see you in this house any time soon. Thank you.

Hope you are all okay? Luckily the sunshine is on its way to banish any of those winter bugs :) 

Love Kayleigh x

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Proper Little Chatterbox

This was the intended post for Sunday before the mammoth decorating task set off, luckily its nearly all finished now and we just need to add the finishing touches and well...Finley.

Today I wanted to jot down a major milestone for Finley, he is becoming a proper little chatterbox. 

He has always been a babbly baby ever since he discovered he had a little voice, and was saying the usual mama and dada from around 6-7 months -ish. In fact I have a video of him at 3 months old saying hiya....a total fluke but something fun to impress people with haha.

The past month or so his speech has developed so much, and its getting to the point that he is picking new words up daily. Just yesterday he was off to bed and there it was a little 'nigh, nigh' for Daddy, how cute. Of topic a little here (as usual) when it comes to little Finners he isn't the most cuddly baby and any attempt to give kisses was either a head butt or a open mouth dribbly kiss on the cheek, but the past week he has given out little pouty pecks for us *heart jumps for joy* when my Dad came round at the weekend he asked him for a little goodbye kiss and he happily obliged giving him two tiny pecks on the lips. Too cute! Now we just need to master the cuddling...but somehow this wriggly bum doesn't stay still enough for cuddles. 

Anyway I digress, the majority of the words Finley says relate to a certain thing or item but I'm sure some are just him copying sounds and mouth shapes we teach him.

Here is the list of words Finley is saying at a little under 15 months old - 

Dada or Daddeee
MumMum - Only when he really wants something or is upset...I read his mind most of the time!
Oh Dear 
DeeeLishus (Delishus) - This ones from Peppa Pig
Doggie (Even the Cat is a dog according to Finley)
Yoggie or Goggurt (for his little fromage frais)
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Nooooo (now he has added DaDa to the end) Noooo DaDa
Hiya but without the H
Louder (no idea where this has come from)
Muddy (but he had a phase where is sounded like Murder, Yikes! Not a great one for 2am)
And his most recent - Nigh Nigh

He is still learning a few other words at the moment, if I point to a little baby and say it over and over he can say bayb not quite there on that one but almost. 

I always panicked about his speech and wondered how he actually would pick it up but I think us talking to him all the time really helps. I point out everything from his breakfast to juice, I tell him what I am doing with his toys....but it just comes naturally, I think all parents do it. I ask him questions and then answer them for him and we sing to him all the time...honestly if you were a fly on the wall you would laugh at some of the random little songs we make up for him...especially Matthew.

To help his speech with recognition I recently bought a couple of sets of flashcards from Ebay, they are just laminated pictures with the word itself. I went for colours and pets because he loves Doggies. I really wanted flashcards with pictures of real animals rather than cartoons to hopefully make it easier when we are out and about for Finley relate...not that we see many chinchillas running around our village. Each pack was around £3 and will be handy right up until primary school...if he doesn't destroy them before hand. If you have access to a laminator they would be easy enough to make and that way you can make your own Mummy, Daddy and family cards too! 

 Since he has been saying more and more it really hit me what a big boy he is now, I am so happy that he is developing how he should and it is so cute to hear him say Goggart when he is eating his little strawberry yogurt but again it is just another reminder that he is growing up way too fast! I wish there was a little pause button on him so I can take in all his cute babyness before it disappears before my eyes! 

Let me know if your little one is taking yet or if you have any funny stories where they might have said something they shouldn't haha 
Love Kayleigh x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sundays are made for....

Decorating, decorating and more decorating! 

Finally we have all the bits and pieces together to start cracking on with Finley's superhero nursery...well big boy room now :) 

I thought I would pop on with a quick little post to share with you all what I have been busy with this Super Sunday.

Finley's Superhero wall...

In Matt's words 'it will be a 30 minute job', hmmmmm maybe an hour I thought, wrong....3 hours later I finally stuck that last last comic page to the top corner. I can still smell PVA glue now, its like being 5 all over again.

I will be taking snazzy pictures soon and write  full post on how I managed to survive the comic wall and where to get all the supplies needed....failing this you can buy pre-printed marvel wallpaper....gosh darn it! *face palm*

Here is the finished product all ready for Finley to no doubt come in and pick each and every piece off, oh well at least it looks cool...even if only for a few days! haha.

Make sure to pop back soon for all sorts of superhero baby room fun!

Love Kayleigh x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Time Skin Saviours

If you are anything like me and share the same pale, fair sensitive skin you may be currently looking and searching for a cure to calm the red patches and soothe those dry areas. Usually by now the sunshine has cleared up my dry skin and my freckles are out and about to say hello to all, but as we have only just recently got rid of the latest bout of snow I have been left still feeling the full effects of 'winter skin' in April!

I tend to suffer from very dry patches doted over my face when the weather dips and the central heating gets hiked up to the max, usually I cope okay and feel happy-ish knowing it will only be a few months but this time around it seems to be never ending. And my poor face has been suffering!

Along with the delights I described above broken sleep and early mornings have undoubtedly contributed to my lack lustre appearance...and even some fine lines (agghhhh) so I thought I would let you all in on my skincare saviours that have pulled me through the dark early mornings and 2am feeds!

1. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser

Cleanse and Polish is my holy grail product, I cant believe that for years I used scratchy face wipes to remove my make up. My skin is just not cut out for wipes, even sensitive ones. I have tried alternative hot cloth cleansers but always come back to this, I just cant get enough! In the Autumn/Winter I like to team it up with the superskin moisturiser which is a lot richer than the original formula and you can feel it sinking in combating the dryness from the inside out. Once the weather picks up I will switch back to the original formula but for now I am sticking with this bad boy.

2. Perricone MD Formula 15*

I am falling in love with this product for what it has done for my skin, it is aimed at targeting those pesky fine lines and restoring your skin giving it that glow. When I received this product I was in definite need of a 'glow' Finley had been waking multiple times a night, teething, being back at work! Sheesh the list goes on. But whilst being a strong acting formula it has definitely eased the 'night feed' lines I was getting without being so harsh that it broke me out. And as an added bonus it seems to have evened out my skin tone! I cant wait to see the results in a few months time and I might even be able to go foundation free. It is definitely a considered purchase priced at £99 but you have months and months of use in this one bottle...and it does what it says it will do. 

3. YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum

I know this product is mainly targeted at the anti ageing market but it has really helped my skin the past few months. I have used it in conjunction with all the creams and serums mentioned and I love it! I received this little mini in a Glossybox months back. Unfortunately I fell out of love with Glossybox last June/July? I couldn't justify the cost to what we were receiving, and it seems many have followed suit since. Its a shame as I did love receiving my lucky dip of products every month but £10 a month when on statutory maternity pay just wasn't a priority....sorry Glossybox. Anyway...this serum left my face silky soft and looking fresh as a daisy. I still have a tiny little left but I'm doing my best to save it for a rainy day!

4. Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

I love or should I say loved this product! Sadly Mr SOS serum was completely used up the other day and I can feel myself mooching over to the feel unique website very soon to stock up on more! This little beauty was another sample from Glossybox and I stowed it away knowing I would benefit most during the cold snowy months. And it does exactly what it says on the tube, thirst quenching it is indeed. It is a smooth silky serum that sinks instantly into your skin leaving no residue, just a couple of smooth cheeks...oohh err! Defo love this and cant wait to stock up when pay day comes around. 

I hope that has given you a little insight to what is stacked up on my bathroom shelf, well along with a million other products and poor Matthews one deodorant!

Hopefully the sun will be out and here to stay very soon so I can show off how my skin has survived to its very best since last September and get them freckles dazzling...on a side note, I love freckles sooo much, I am hoping Finley will inherit mine on that squishy nose of his. If you have freckles embrace them, they are beautiful, someone at work once told me they bought a freckle remover cream from boots and I was shocked that 1, there was such a thing as freckle remover cream and 2, why would you want to remove them, they are blumming cute?

Anyway please let me know if you have any tips or tricks for skincare, especially really pale dry skin as I am always on the look out to try the next best thing. I am big on skincare at the moment, maybe even more than make-up...did I just say that? my priorities change with the weather. As soon as the sun hits I will be raving about coral cheeks and lipsticks haha :D

Love Kayleigh x
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