Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Baby's 1st Birthday Present Idea #1

Take a look at this most amazing purchase for Finley's birthday. 
With Finley's birthday only being two weeks after Christmas it left me scratching that little nogging of mine to think what to get, he had all the clothes under the sun, toys galore and because it was his 1st Christmas he got super duper spoilt by everyone. 

I had a few bits set aside but I really wanted to get him something he would be able to keep and cherish when he got older. If you ask Matthew he would tell you I am one of THE most sentimental people out there and I even still own a torn piece of envelope with 'I love you' on it that Matt gave me over 7 years ago!

Time was pressing on and I still hadn't found something that really ticked all the sentimental boxes until I found this....
WOW! I was browsing Etsy looking for a smidgen of inspiration and there it was, I have no idea what I typed or how I found it but it is everything I love Finley will love about presents! Individual, personalised and quirky.

Tell me more I can hear you all ask, okie dokie then, well it is your babies 1st year in time line form, documenting any little milestone or occasion you want. The whole picture is hand illustrated using fine liners and permanent markers, you can see the amazing detail in every little drawing!

A lovely lady called Beth over at Bethy Boots illustrated the whole piece for us, she truly has a talent and instantly understood my style and what we wanted. All you need to do is let her know what milestones you want including and she takes it from there. I opted for the little baby milestones Finley achieved in his first year, from him sitting up for the first time to his first tooth. Something I know I would love to have now to look back on.
I told Beth my quandary of only just finding her listing on Etsy and not to rush finishing it as it was my fault the universes fault I had not found her earlier. But to my surprise she had whipped out her markers and it was with me in under two weeks! She really pulled out all the stops to get it here as close to Finley's birthday as possible. :D

When the parcel arrived it was addressed to 'Supermum Kayleigh' well any parcel that arrives to the Bamber Household addressed like that is a sure fire winner, and boy we were in for a treat when we opened it.

In total I paid £50 for the illustration and that included the frame, a perfect amount for a main birthday present and of course it is totally worth spoiling your little one on their first birthday! 

I asked Beth's permission to blog her amazing work and she was very happy for me to share her links with you, so make sure you head over to her website here and just have a look at all her fab illustrations! I am already pondering what else I can get drawn up :D 

Thanks again Beth

Love Kayleigh x


  1. OH MY GOD!!! I have been looking for something like this for Darcie's first birthday!!! This is amazing and soo beautiful and for £50 its the perfect gift!! Xxx

    1. Its Amazing :) I think it is so worth it for something so personal and hand illustrated! I have already emailed Beth and asked for something else haha! If you do get one make sure you tell her you found her here and im sure she will make it extra special for you xxx

  2. Nominated you for an award - see my blog-


    1. Awww thanks Kay, I shall check it out now - I dont know how you manage blogging everyday plus baby plus work! haha I am always days behind where I should be! xx

  3. That is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! I LOVE it!!!

    I've just found your blog, following :)


    1. Hi Hayley - Thanks so much for stoping by :D it is cute, I cant beleive my luck stumbling across it on etsy! I shall check out your blog too xx

  4. Hi new blogger here, just happened to come across your blog. This is such a lovely gift idea thanks for sharing! Now following!

    Amy from..


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