Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

That time has come round again to don the scales and let you all know how the first week went on the diet :) 

Here are the results :) 
As I started the diet last Monday it is 10 days worth of weight loss including this mornings half a pound that wasn't for budging!

Overall this week has been great, there have been times I have sat day dreaming of a 'big tasty' from McDonalds but after finding out it had over 800 calories I soon snapped out of that and reached for a satsuma instead.

As predicted the water weight dropped off at first but since Saturday I have definitely seen a slow decrease, in a way I am glad because now I know the weight I am loosing is fat. Matt has being saying lovely things like he can see I am thinner but I am not too sure, maybe another 7 pounds before I will tell a difference.

I am currently averaging 500-600 calories a day, it doesn't sound much but once you find low calorie foods that fill you up it really isn't too bad. If you would like to know what I have been eating and making for lunches etc just let me know. 

I still have a long way to go yet and some days all I want to do it go back to my old ways, but where would that leave me, heavier than ever, eating rubbish daily and putting more strain on my joints! At 24 this isn't something I imagined I would be saying. 2013 is a time for change, positive thinking and happy times. I don't want Finley to have a mummy that cant keep up with him, that looks different and is too self conscious to go swimming. No, every time I want to reach in the treat cupboard or order a pizza I think of the amazing years ahead I will have a 'slimmer' me. All the goals I want to accomplish and all it will take is a few more months hard work and I will be there! 

If anyone else would like to join in 'weight loss wednesday' it would be great to know that we are doing it together. Leave a comment below or send me an email and we can encourage each other! 
Good luck everyone and wish me and Matthew good luck too!

Speak soon,
Love Kayleigh x

Saturday, 9 February 2013

G-Nappies Review

A little while back I was asked to test run (along with Finley of course) a few gNappies. Of course I jumped at the offer as I had planned on using re-usable nappies on Finley from day one....however....

to build up the amount we needed it would have cost over £300...that's just on the nappies themselves, we still would have had to purchase wet bags, storage for dirty nappies and even a sprayer! At the time it just seemed like such a massive investment that we just couldn't afford. 

We have used disposables ever since Finley was born and luckily he has been perfectly fine in them but one problem we do have now he is a little bigger is leaking! Since the minute he realised he could roll over he has been a tummy sleeper ever since, which meant his nappy would press against his tummy making a little wet patch :( 

Whilst trialing the gNappies with Finley it resolved that issue straight away! It may be down to the snug fit that made sure any tiny leaks stayed put or that the tabs wrap around the his back so he wasn't sleeping on the crossover. Seems like such a simple solution but I haven't seen it on any other nappy out there. 

gNappies offer two versions of their nappies, the cloth inserts that you use and treat just like normal cloth nappies or the disposable version that I tried. 

It is a disposable/reusable hybrid that has the look and fit of cloth but the ease and convenience of disposable.

The gPants as they are known are like an outer shell that a little insert just pops into - easy as that! And once your ready to change just pop out the insert and pop in the bin or if your that way out, in the compost bin!
  Here is a scary fact for you, did you know that regular disposables can take up to 500 years....yes 500 years to bio degrade! Wow...that's up 8/9 nappy's a day per baby for maybe 2ish years that's nearly 6000 nappies per child in a landfill for half a millennium! I had a look and gNappie inserts take less than 2 months!
They are the perfect disposable alternative for me but I would say maybe a full time cloth nappy aficionado may prefer the full cloth outer and inner, but as I have never managed to fully cloth for any length of time I would love to hear what you think and let me know if you would prefer this system? Or do you just like the idea of one nappy, no insert or liners that just gets washed and stuffing necessary. Would love to hear your thoughts?

I love the way these little gPants s look on Finley, they just blow regular disposables out of the water in the style ratings! I can see why people get addicted to buying funky new colours and patterns! Plus the girls versions *swoon* they have little embelisments and beautiful patterns....Do you think Finley would mind a pink pom pom on his bum? hmmmm! 
On their website it says that you only need to 6-8 gNappies for full time use! They currently have a set of 6 gpants and inserts for a third of the price of what you would spend on a cloth nappy stash - have a peek here or if you fancy just trying them out like me have a look at their starter bundle here

Overall I was really impressed with gNappies and definitely something I would consider stocking up on and possibly converting full time too. Any large amount of money laid down will of course be an investment but with all the pros of this product I would highly recommend going for it and making the switch! 
Love Kayleigh & Finley

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well the diet started on Monday and so far we are still on track :)

A while back I said I had a fair bit of weight to loose but I hadn't expected it to be so much when I stepped on those scales Monday morning! Its a good job I didn't faint with shock because at this weight I doubt Matt would have been able to drag me to safety let alone pick me up!! ha!

I don't just have a few pounds here and there to loose, I am setting my sights on 5! A few years back I lost close to 3 stone so I know a little of what I am letting myself in for. Even losing 5 stone wouldn't be enough weight in the eyes of the NHS for me to be 'normal' but at only 5foot 1inch I am fighting a losing battle to ever be 'normal'. My perfect body will be a little slimmer, still curvy and of course still have chubby cheeks! 

How do I plan to loose the weight? It may not work for most people but I have entered the world of 'very low calorie restricted dieting'. When I lost that extra 3 stone in 2009 I did it through the same method, I saw a surgeon and weight management professional hoping for a gastric band but now I look back and I am glad they said I wasn't ready. They did however show me an alternative route, I eat the same amount I would if I had a band/bypass but without the risks of surgery. You really have to mentally prepare yourself for this one, it is not easy but if you want results then this is a guaranteed plan!

Quick weight loss often results is quick weight gain, very true! That is exactly what happened last time, I admit I lost my first stone in 2 weeks! Then as soon as I fell off I went straight back into my old eating habits, this time I have a plan in place for when I loose the weight, people around me to help and guide me, I have educated myself on how weight loss works and why I gained the weight back.

I do have a couple of 'before' pictures but I am not sure I will post them just yet, maybe when a little slimmer I will feel more confident to show you a comparison. I will also be updating weekly to let you all know how much weight I have lost :D 

Pic from Google
I saw this picture and chuckled so I thought I would pop it here, I couldn't have 2 posts in a row with no pictures! Plus it reminds me of my friend Keri that you can usually find crying over how 'fat' she is whilst eating a cake to cheer herself up :) btw - if Keri is fat I must be the earth haha!

If anyone would like to know anymore information on low calorie dieting please send me a message or pop a note in the comments, I am happy to share my daily diet plan if you like or advice on how to curb cravings! 

Hope all of you who are dieting/eating healthy are doing really well and looking forward to showing off those summers bodies! 

Love Whaley Kayleigh x

Monday, 4 February 2013

A weird ol' week

Take 2...yes this is the second version of the exact same post, why? I just re-read it and it read to me exactly how I have been feeling the last week. Just a little down and well,weird. 

I have sat trying to write posts for the last week but no matter how many words I typed all my mind was focused on was 'my return to work'! Yes that's right, I am now back in the office and officially an 'office working' mum! And last week I suffered the full effects of getting back into a routine that doesn't involve colouring, reading and bath time. Instead I was sent back 12 months to appeal hearings, computer systems and IT issues. 

Last week was spent squeezing every last drop of 'Finley Time' I could, every moment I captured and stored in my little mind memory box, we played with all his toys over and over, attempted to learn to walk and sang all our fave songs with Daddy.

Thursday loomed closer and closer and it just felt so surreal, ironing work clothes, getting my change together for the bus! How did this day come around so quickly, how will Finley manage without his Mummy there? Will I cope being away? all went really well! My first day back was lovely, seeing all my friends, sweets, biscuits and a chance to sit down for longer that 10 minuets. I have the most wonderful team who knew I was a little nervous and after the first hour it was like I had never left. I text Matthew throughout the day and gave him a call at lunch and Finley did great, he had a fab day with his Daddy :D 

After what seemed like the quickest day ever I got the bus home and was met by a very excited Finley and possibly relived Daddy! His little face all lit up....for 10 minuets if that, once he spotted my work pass that was it, Mummy was relegated and off he went to sit twirling my pass around.

All I wanted to say is that it really wasn't as bad as I thought, it really was okay. Of course if I had the choice I would spend every moment at home but I think those two days at work will let me get back to 'Kayleigh' for a split second before I am back home snuggling and giving Finley his bottle. 

Please let me know if you are planning to return to work after your Maternity leave or if your a SAHM? Or how you found your return to work. 

Sorry for the absence, and I shall now be back on top form as usual! 

PS: the diet started today - thumbs up for losing weight - thumbs down for Twix and Crips cravings.
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